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Bilims was founded as a academic subsidiary in 2013. Aligned with our mission and mission, in 2016, we completed our merger with MND to create MND Bilims R&D Center. We develop next-generation technologies with our highly adept mechanical, hardware, and software teams. Within our ecosystem, we completed numerous projects and continue to serve our customers.

We design highly specialized autonomous vehicles, automatic charging stations, data synchronization tools to communicate with PLC and other common digital systems, kiosks, information boards, barcode scanning stations, pallet stacking and distribution vehicles, low to high control software and more.


MND Bilims Ekibi

 MND Bilims ortak bir vizyon ve amaç uğruna hiç durmadan çalışan bir ekibe sahiptir ve bu ekip her bir bireyin sahip olduğu benzersiz beceri, eğitim ve bilginin birleşmesi sonucu oluşmuştur. MND Bilims ekibi mekanik, donanım ve yazılım konularında uzman, farklı disiplinlerden birçok takım arkadaşına sahiptir. Takım arkadaşlarımız ile birlikte proje ve Ar-Ge süreçlerini başarıyla yürütüyoruz. Ekibimiz burada çalışırken kendini akademik alanda da geliştirmeye devam etmektedir. Yaklaşık 20 kişinin çalıştığı genç dinamik ekibimizin yüzde 70’i akademik kariyerine doktora ve yüksek lisans yaparak devam etmektedir.

 Kendini, ekibini, bağlı olduğu şirketleri ve proje ortaklarını geliştirmeye adayan MND Bilims ele aldığı her projenin altından başarıyla çıkarak kendini kanıtlamıştır.  

MND Bilims Ekibi
Mechanical Team

The mechanics team makes the projects come true from dreams. 3D design, their analysis and simulation, and then the production processes are realized thanks to this team.

Don's Team

The hardware team is the team that revitalizes, protects and ensures safe use of projects. It carries out the stages of electronic board design, testing and integration into the system for the control of the projects. It selects the power, communication and industrial automation products of the projects that are suitable for our system and makes it ready for safe use.

Software Team

The software team, which acts as a bridge between mechanics and hardware teams, brings mechanics to life with its innovative software solutions. The software team that develops autonomous navigation, fleet control, image processing and IoT software produces technological solutions for our business partners.


Unmanned Vehicle Design 

Ground or aerial platforms, vehicles specific to your indoor or outdoor needs can be designed and implemented.

Mechatronics Ecosystem Design 

We produce solutions to the problem by creating a technology ecosystem. We undertake all the steps from mechanics to electronics, from software to user experience.

AI and NLP based eLearning Platforms 

We have an e-learning platform with natural language processing support, proven in various academic institutes. We can transform its logic and technology according to your needs.

Cyber Security and Penetration Testing 

Connected devices are always at risk with various malware and APTs. In addition to securing our own infrastructures, we can help any industry become much safer through design and operation. We can create the most pentest reports with ethical hacking philosophy.

RISC-V based Cyber-Physical Systems 

RISC-V is an open standard instruction set architecture based on established reduced instruction set computing principles. We are early adopters and followers of this community. We can create industrial-grade, scalable and flexible embedded devices.

Hybrid Swarm Intelligence 

We can create a group of irregular robots to perform critical tasks using secure commercial network infrastructures.

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MND Bilims Siber Güç Türkiye' de

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MND Bilims Siber Güç Türkiye' de

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